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Kentico Case Study: Weedman USA

A recap of our Kentico CMS website project for Weedman USA

Weed Man USA was seeking to rebuild their website, create a contemporary user-centric design that provided for better engagement with potential customers, and incorporate an enterprise level CMS. As national franchise, Weed Man USA had the unique need of conveying their brand as both a large national enterprise and network of locally owned companies through its franchisee network. The new website needed a robust set of administrative controls at the corporate and franchisee level, as well as an improved customer experience through layout and architecture of the site design. 


Going through the discovery and strategy process, we outlined the following core shared goals for the Weed Man USA website: 

  • Build of separate, custom site for Weed Man USA to grow franchisee base 
  • Develop tool for generation of new franchise sites, also allowing franchisees to self-manage their own franchise sites, while still keeping these sub entities on-brand
  • More engaging site design that portrayed values of the brand and reinforced differentiators and benefits of Weed Man
  • Establish the new Weed Man USA site on a robust CMS foundation, capable of empowering Weed Man corporate staff with making updates and maintaining content with ease in the future
  • Integration of the new site with the existing customer portal


When approaching the new Weed Man USA website, we focused on the following challenges in particular: 

  • Weed Man USA had a specific vision surrounding the way they would have liked the custom tools being developed. Mapping out and planning for all possible implications of each new addition was a challenging part of the process in creating tools for both corporate and franchise sites.
  • Opportunities for functionality of the franchise site creator tool continued to grow throughout the project, making the planning of a phased development approach challenging to scope. Sticking closely to a phased sprint approach to the development build of each tool kept technical teams on track and work within scope. 


Our final product—the new Weed Man USA website—sought to solve issues of usability, branding, information organization, and organization of franchise businesses by: 

  • Create fresh, unique designs for the Weed Man USA corporate homepage that can be leveraged/used for all franchisee sites
  • Integrate lead request forms with custom WEMMS system (proprietary to Weed Man)
  • Implement Find a Lawn Care Specialist tool to allow users to find the nearest franchisee near them
  • Develop administrative tools in the CMS to allow the Weed Man team to generate new franchisee sites with baseline content that the franchisees can override with unique content
  • Development of "Global Content Tools" that provides a central place for Weed Man administrators to update content, such as new news articles, that they can then push out to all or a specific set of franchisee sites
  • Design and build a custom, independent site for to grow franchisee base


The new Weed Man USA website speaks with a strong voice about the core values of this international brand, and has become a more robust, useful tool for their customers, as well as their own sales reps. Specifically from 4th Quarter 2015 to 4th Quarter 2016 post-launch, the results speak for themselves:

  • Stronger brand presence 
  • More user-friendly design 
  • Better engagement and cross selling to existing clients
  • Increase in average page views from 3.07 to 4.46
  • Increase in time on site from 1:22 to 4:46
  • Decrease in bounce rate from 64% to 34%


The selection of Kentico was critical to the overall success of the project.  Kentico provided the core building blocks for our development team to implement tailored features such as search with predictive type, content tagging, and cms administration by franchisees of their local microsite.  Most importantly we created an integration with their client portal for lead routing, user management, and service requests. 

We chose Kentico as our CMS of choice for the Weed Man USA website project for several the key advantages it could offer our client: 

  • Kentico licensing was cost effective for the multiple domains needed 
  • Stability and longevity of Kentico was a bonus for Weed Man USA—their previous CMS vendor had been acquired by other firms
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Content Strategist & World Traveler
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Business Development & Happy Hour Enabler
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