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Kentico Case Study: Cashman CAT

A review of our Kentico website build for Cashman Equipment

Cashman CAT serves as the dependable parts and equipment dealer for a wide variety of projects in the states Nevada and parts of California—providing a high level of customer service and variety of products to support a range of terrains and landscapes. With multiple dealer locations and 700+ employees, Cashman CAT needed a modern, user-friendly website to support their standards for variety, dependability, and service online, quickly getting valuable parts and equipment information to their current and prospective customers. 


The core goal of the Cashman CAT website was to provide a more intuitive user experience for all Cashman customers, giving them a clear look at what parts, equipment, and services are available and pertinent to their needs—based on location and other values. Coming out of an in-depth discovery and strategy process, we outlined the following core goals for the new Cashman CAT website: 

  • Increase digitally-driven sales leads via strong search engine placement and improved conversion rates once users are on the site. The site should ultimately act as a digital sales representative for customers. 
  • Drive web traffic to key business areas, especially Rentals and Used Equipment
  • Highlight the different industries and targeted product lines for which Cashman offers equipment and services, including Mining, Construction, Power, and Trucking
  • Create a useful resource for all stakeholders, including customers and employees
  • Represent all business units with a clean, clear, engaging design and robust site architecture


Cashman CAT knew they wanted to improve their on-site user experience, creating clear pathways to parts, equipment, and services for customers—showing them exactly what was available and relevant to their region and terrain or landscape. We focused on the following challenges in particular: 

  • Serving three unique regions: Vegas, Reno, Elko—each with different geographies, culture, climates, and industries. 
  • Power offering at Cashman: required a customized approach that separated power system machines to a different page. Power department also did not have a feed and had to be handled in a different way in the CMS.
  • Generational mix of users: some Cashman clients are young and web-savvy, while others are older and used to more traditional forms of communication
  • High standards for design: Cat branding guidelines put some restrictions on design, stemming from Cashman’s specific brand vision and goals to go beyond the “typical” CAT dealer website


The new and improved Cashman CAT website sought to solve issues of usability, branding, information organization, and product layouts by: 

  • Implementing a geo-location tool that indicated to users on the site where they are located and gives them quick access to the location's detail pages
  • Created a Power-specific area on the site
  • Clean, modern design that provided an opportunity to showcase their custom, high quality photography


The new Cashman CAT website delivers a more visually attractive, easy-to-use experience for all Cashman customers—all while reflecting the unique aspects and values of this powerhouse brand. The results speak for themselves:

  • Improved Site Analytics: improved percentage of new sessions, decreased bounce rate, increased average session duration, increased avg. number of pages per session
  • Stronger brand presence 
  • More user-friendly design 
  • Improved parts and equipment search
  • Improved product page display
  • Key criteria for using Kentico 


We chose Kentico as our CMS of choice for the Cashman CAT website project for several the key advantages it could offer our client: 

  • More ease of content management: as a Caterpillar dealer, Cashman CAT needed a CMS that could keep up with them—allowing for quick and easy text, image, and product updates. 
  • Product inventory search and display: tag-based product inventory search and display allows for easy navigation among different types of equipment, parts, and used inventory, allowing customers to quickly find the product they’re looking for—even on a mobile device. 
  • Better integration of parts and inventory feeds: from both CAT corporate and dealership-managed product databases
  • Improved connections between machine types and industries: using Kentico page types, making industry specific routing easier for our team to build and easier for the end user to navigate
  • With Kentico, CAT dealership clients can quickly and easily create, add, edit, and update news and promotion items on the website, without the assistance of our team.


Clare Sweeney
Content Strategist & World Traveler
John Mulvey
Business Development & Happy Hour Enabler
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