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Care to Be Remembered: A Closer Look at the Palmetto Health Website Design

Thoughtful design + user-centric functionality showcase the character of this healthcare brand

A big organization needs an even ‘bigger’ brand experience—where brand personality, voice, and values are clearly and strongly supported by their website.

Palmetto Health is one of South Carolina’s largest integrated healthcare systems, and a regional leader in quality of care. When they came to us for a website redesign, we knew this ‘big’ brand’s site had to promote the sincerity of the brand and provide an intuitive user experience for their patient, family, and professional audiences. 

image of one of palmetto health's hospital locations

Palmetto Health's Baptist Parkridge hospital in Columbia, South Carolina.

While Palmetto Health has more than 12,000 team members, physicians, and volunteers, seven acute-care hospitals, and more than 500 providers in 80+ practices and nearly 100 locations, that’s not what makes them great.

The Palmetto Health team genuinely believes in delivering the best care possible—care to be remembered. This is their brand mission. 

As we worked through that concept and how to incorporate it into the user experience, we realized that beyond remembering care, people remember moments in care. The moment when you held your newborn for the first time, the moment of a loved one’s passing, a healthy diagnosis, a moment of kindness—these moments and stories became the building blocks for the website's content and imagery. 

Knowing we wanted to highlight the brand’s level of care and attention to detail, we created a homepage with full screen video as the background. The video is authentic to Palmetto Health, highlighting real moments in their care facilities, instantly transporting users into an experience.

image of Palmetto Health website homepage

Next, we wanted to integrate a more immersive opportunity for sharing patient stories. When you click this button, a tableau of moments fills the screen. Just like Pinterest, I can dive in and explore simple sentiments or full video stories, and we include links in the media to drive users to a deeper story and keep them engaged. 

image showing care stories feature of Palmetto Health website image showing patient stories video feature on palmetto health website

Then on those landing pages, we make sure to include related content to increase time on site and promote things like services and even events.

image showing patient story page on palmetto health website

From a task-oriented perspective, we did our best to make the homepage a dashboard with one-click access to all things Palmetto Health. 

gif showing features of Palmetto Health website

Scrolling down, we route to important events and highlight fresh social content. We also created user-centric quick links in the footer for each of the primary audiences.

gif showing features of Palmetto Health website

And for one of the most important tasks, finding hospital information, we created straight forward landing pages to aggregate everything you need to know in one place.

screenshot image showing two steps of functionality on the palmetto health website


Did our strategy work? In the first year after launch, Palmetto Health saw:

graphic showing positive impact stats from website redesign

  • More than 1800 additional online appointment requests
  • A 208% increase in page views
  • 71% of traffic via organic search
  • 33% increase in time spent on site
  • And a 25% increase in entrances through designated pages


Great UX can’t just be about the brand or only focus on the user. When we connect brand goals and user needs, we’re creating the ideal environment for both. On, we give brand personality room to shine, but make space for every functional task. Now, a patient or family member can find and accomplish what they came for and get to know Palmetto Health along the way. 

image showing quote about user experience

To put this another way for my Quentin Tarantino fans, great user experience is Winston Wolf meets Mahatma Gandhi: Equal parts facilitation and inspiration.

Ben Cash
Founder/Strategist & Incessant Whistler
Clare Sweeney
Content Strategist & World Traveler
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