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We're Going Headless in the Cloud with Kentico's New Cloud-First CMS

Kentico Cloud: A Content Strategist’s Best Friend

We’re a Little Nerdy for Content

At a recent digital conference, we heard the infamous Gary Vaynerchuk rant, "Every !%$&!^ one of you is a media company," and it rang true. We believe, as he does, that it doesn’t matter what business or industry you operate in—if you’re not producing content, you basically don’t exist.

As our agency has grown, content marketing has become an integral tool for helping our clients connect with their customers—our “secret weapon” for better UX. Effective content marketing is about getting the right message to the right channel at the right time and it should be standard practice for any successful web project.

An important part of executing content strategy is choosing the right content management system (CMS). We've been advocates and implementers of the traditional content management model and Kentico CMS for years. It's a great solution when you need out of the box applications and content management tools in one integrated package. It's also helped us build some pretty awesome custom websites and will remain one of our go to CMS platforms for years to come.

While we still enjoy the advantages of Kentico CMS for many projects, we task our team at BlueKey—front and back of the house—to grow new opportunities, tools, and tactics to help us make client content more impactful and effective.


Get Your Head in the Cloud

It wasn’t long before Kentico Cloud, a new cloud-first headless CMS, arrived on the scene to change the way we build content-centric websites for busy brands. Like any good CMS, Kentico Cloud allows for the easy management of content by non-technical staff, but because it’s a “headless CMS,” not tethered to the application "layer", it allows us to distribute that content across multiple channels.

More simply put, web content doesn’t get “locked” inside one website. Instead, content can go where customers go—shared across multiple sites and apps and updated in all places, simultaneously. That makes keeping seasonal and evolving content much easier and less time-consuming, while keeping informational content more accurate everywhere it is displayed.

What’s more, with Kentico Cloud’s new personalization capabilities, we’ll be able to go deeper within those channels and target individual users based on behavior. This changes the way content is shown and consumed on a user-by-user basis.

A Down to Earth Example

We recently built a new website for Verde, a locally-based restaurant chain serving made-to-order salads using regional ingredients. Verde's main objective was to be able to update their menu and specials quickly and easily whenever changes needed to be made. During the initial Verde site build, we soon discovered one of Kentico Cloud's greatest benefits: the ability to build a site in a fraction of the time.

verde salad menu on website

Because the Verde site is content-focused without complex functionality, it didn't need the application layer of a traditional CMS. As a result, we were able to build a unique site and quickly connect the frequently-updated content areas to Kentico Cloud. No long development phase, no frustrating QA, and a lightweight, cost-effective deployment effort.

Now, Jen can conveniently keep her website content as fresh as her own signature salads:

"Thanks to BlueKey and Kentico Cloud, I can spend more time dreaming up new salad creations instead of worrying about whether our online menu is up to date."

- Jennifer Ferrebee, Owner, Verde

Ben Cash
Founder/Strategist & Incessant Whistler
Clare Sweeney
Content Strategist & World Traveler
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