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April Fools, Or How Ben Learned to Love Cilantro

Compromising cilantro-hate for a promising new lead

To know Ben is to know that he doesn’t love cilantro. In fact, our fearless leader despises cilantro, and everything about it. But nothing gets Ben more excited than a fresh new lead, so we decided to give him a very special one for April Fool’s Day. 

Of course, cilantro was the inspiration for our secret website RFP project: the Cilantro Growers Association, “a collective of cilantro growers and distributors based in California, USA.” 

Operation April Fool’s Day was truly a team effort. A private Cilantro Growers Association (CGA) Slack was created, and duties assigned.

John found an old RFP, and Clare recycled the content to fit the new vision of Cilantro Growers. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.55.00 AM.png

A matching Request for RFP Responses email was written. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 5.09.38 PM.png

Things got serious in the brand's website privacy policy text. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 5.09.19 PM.png

Joe designed a gorgeous logo, befitting of the leading cilantro group in the country. 

Matt bought a domain and pulled in Shane from Proven Winners Direct as a client reference, while Clare created a cringe-worthy Facebook page.  

Laura created a very important, very custom Bunch o’ Bens graphic that was truly on brand.

Nick setup the server, and Jeremy quickly sliced out a site, with little functional or creative direction.

And just like that, the Cilantro Growers Association was born.

Ben hosted the Kentico Partner Summit at the BlueKey offices and requested that everyone work from home that day—Friday, April 1st! We took it in stride, and planned our reveal for the following Monday. The fake CGA Request for RFP Responses email was forwarded to Ben at close of business on Friday. 

John (in attendance at the Kentico Partner Summit) kept the team back at headquarters in the loop, and once back in town, Ben informed everyone of the hot new lead as each person arrived at the office Monday morning. We all exhibited superior acting skills throughout the morning, letting Ben tell us exactly how ironic it was that a cilantro company would reach out to him

Stacey volunteered to reveal the joke, and the best kind of surprise ensued: 

Take that, Google

Clare Sweeney
Content Strategist & World Traveler
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